Stream movies, shows, and other programming for viewers in Mexico


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blim is the official app for this popular service that lets you stream thousands of films, series, and TV programming a la carte. The only thing is that the service is solely available in Mexico.

The app has all the features you could ask for, like the option to carry on viewing an episode or film in exactly the place you left off, or to change the subtitles ay any time. You can also send content straight to your Chromecast.

To be able to enjoy all the content on blim, you obviously do need a subscription to the service. And to get one you have to be in Mexico. At the moment users in Europe, for example, can't get any use out of this app.

blim is a highly interesting alternative to HBO GO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It's got a ton of films and shows, and more and more content gets added every day.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher.

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