Remember The Milk


Don't forget the milk, or anything else


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Remember The Milk is a personal agenda of sorts that lets you jot down everything you need to remember during the day in an orderly, clean, and synced (online) fashion.

Users of Remember The Milk can create an unlimited number of notes for each day and jot down anything they want in them. Plus, when it comes time to file them, you can assign tags so if you have many different notes you can find the one you need in no time.

Remember The Milk is also as simple as it is brilliant insofar as widgets and notifications are concerned. You can create different widgets on your device's home screen where you can see everything from the day's tasks to notes with tags on them. Likewise, you can also set up different notifications so the app will remind you of a specific task.

Remember The Milk is an excellent personal agenda for Android thanks to which you won’t just never forget to buy the milk again – you'll never forget anything at all.
Remember the Milk gets a huge update

To-do list management apps have by now become part of the basic toolkit for most users. While apps of this sort are a dime a dozen, Remember the Milk stands out as one of the most longstanding among them. Recently it’s rolled out an enormous update that’s completely revamped its interface to better integrate its multiplatform service to make it more homogenous and add new features.
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Requires Android 2.2 or above

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